Four Specialties (in 2 days)

Price 490.00

Available for those who do not like to waste time and know exactly how to advance their diving career.

Now you have the chance to complete four specialty programs in just two days and get your certifications at once!

Diving in Santorini is known for the clear waters and hence the excellent visibility, which at times can reach 50 meters. This contributes to the unique experience of diving within the caldera; which still shows signs of underwater volcanic activity.

Diving in Santorini might not be with big school of fish or very rich marine life but the biggest interest for a diver is the underwater geomorphology. The great volcanic eruptions that shook the island over the centuries have created magnificent underwater scenery giving scuba diving lovers endless options for wall dives, ship-wrecks, caves, reefs and never ending drop-offs around the Caldera and the Volcanic islets.

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